Sunday, 15 April 2012

Elemental Power was regarded with awe by early humanity and the basic natural powers of this world, earth, air, fire, water and spirit and the Realms of Earth, Sea and Sky feature in many of world’s ancient traditions. In exploring these links we can observe parallels that transcend geography.

Celtic Yoga honours the traditions of the Celtic realms and subtly explores the deep connections between all spiritual traditions. The resulting practice is profound, healing and deeply enriching to those who experience it.

The practice itself combines seasonally focused asana, breath work and chant with Celtic meditations, blessings and gentle ritual and energy work. Each season is honoured with energetic practices to bring the body, mind and spirit into gentle alignment with the energy of the season. In addition to being a Yoga teacher and holistic therapist I am an ordained Druid, a student of Celtic spirituality and a Celtic Reiki Master. Celtic Reiki, known as the Healing of the Trees works with the ancient Ogham system of symbols, each symbolising a particular native tree and its individual healing energy.